Gain access to the

We have already created a user to administer the project. An email with login and password was sent to the support mail. Log in with this username to our service. Additional functions will be available on the project page.

If you for some reason did not receive an email with administrator data, we can send it again. Specify the email for the project.
Important! Email address must be on the project domain, otherwise the email will not be sent.

Request moderation for

We add dozens of projects to our service every day for free. To clarify information about the project (which will positively affect the scam score), it is necessary to process manual moderation - we specify automatic scanning data, add information that can be obtained only manually, etc. Unfortunately, due to the large daily number of projects, we do not have the opportunity to moderate them all.

The moderation costs only 3$ (previously this service was provided free of charge, but we had to enter a nominal fee to remove the flow of requests from mediocre projects)