- a new generation HYIP monitor. The purpose of creating the monitor was to maximize the automation of the processes of collecting information on the project, maintaining the project and instantly obtaining the relevant information.

A huge number of high-yield investment projects appear daily. Which ones to choose for investment, and which ones to bypass? To do this, first of all, you need to collect as much information about the project as possible.

The quality of the project is determined by a large number of parameters, for which you need to use as a variety of different services, and your own idea of the quality of the performance.

We tried to collect in one service all possible analysis tools and constantly replenish them.

In addition, we have greatly simplified the task of finding new projects - connect our Telegram bot and it will report all the new products with their brief characteristics. Through bot, you can also track changes in project statuses and get information about projects that are on the site.

We do not confine ourselves to the initial collection of information, but we also monitor the dynamics of development.

Another goal of our service is to collect information on as many projects as possible. These data can be used both as a historical reference and as an array of information for further processing, analysis and construction of more efficient valuation models.

Scam Score is an integrated assessment of the hyip project, reflecting the degree of its reliability. Scam Score works on the principle of minimum score, i.e. than higher is a Scam Score, the more likely the scam is in the near future time. Thus, the scale is distributed from 0 (absolutely reliable design) to 100 (100% scam). It is clear that the score 0 can not in principle get any project, but the lower the Scam Score, the more reliable our eyes look like a project. This evaluation is based on the analysis of more than 40 parameters of the project, but it, of course, can not objectively reflect reliability. It serves rather for a more extensive informing investors about the current status of the project. Scam Score - dynamic assessment, with the passage of time it can change both in the positive and in the negative direction. The decision to take in Attention to this assessment when considering the project remains complete on the responsibility of the investor. In order to understand how this estimate is formed, here we briefly describe the algorithm for obtaining it.
The list of parameters from which the estimate is formed can be conditionally divided into 4 groups:

1) Project preparation.
This includes both the technical characteristics of the site (evaluation of the SSL certificate (if any), whether the site is on a dedicated server, whether DDOS protection is enabled, a licensed script is used, etc.), and general preparation (number of languages, grammatical errors in texts, number of payment systems). We have created several unique algorithms that allow us to compare "similarity" as a template of a site with other projects, and the project as a whole (used hosting, registrar, etc.). After obtaining all these parameters and their ranking using weighting coefficients, we can get an estimate of the "level of preparation" of the project. According to this estimate, at least one can judge whether the project was spent on preparing the project, time and money. The deeper the preparation of the project, the less likely that the project is made for rapid collection of money and closing (although this option can not be excluded - therefore, we repeat once again that all assessments are subjective).

2) Project marketing and advertising.
Here, according to the declared plans, we can give a general assessment of the viability of the project. It is obvious that the project, which offers starting from the start plans with 50% of profit per day, is less viable than the project with "normal" plans of 2-3% per day. It is clear that the risks in the first project will be greater and Scam Score higher. Under the advertising is the presence of the project on the leading monitors and blogs. With respect to the duration of the project and the number of ads purchased, we can also conclude that development plans are in place. The more aggressive the advertising at the start with the mediocre preparation of the project, the higher the probability that the process of rapid collection of money is launched and the higher Scam Score will be.

3) The dynamics of the project.
The main thing in the life of any hyip project is the influx of new investors. And not just an influx, but evenly increasing. Here everything is obvious. If from the start of the project a lot of investments go into it, but further the flow of new investors and deposits goes to waste, the lifetime of the project is considered. It's no secret that hyip projects are created primarily for profit by the administration of the project. And when the influx of investors falls, the project's cash department starts to empty (payments exceed replenishment). In this situation, everything depends on the identity and honesty of the administrator. Some, as soon as the peak comes and after it is planned to reduce the balance of the project immediately close the project. More honest administrators work until the wallets are completely emptied, and someone even creates a "pillow" of their means for this case. And despite the fact that we are not able to find out what the administrator will do in a particular project, knowing the financial flows to / from the project can very roughly calculate the time of the scam. How is it done technically? Service in automatic mode analyzes:
a) The number of entries by the referral link of the monitor
b) Attendance of the site by open sources (eg Alexa)
c) Open statistics of the project itself
d) Information on deposits from other blogs and monitors
e) Comments on the project on deposits and payments on the project page of our site
Of course, based on these data, it is impossible to build a 100% reliable picture of the work. But the dynamics of the project in general is quite possible. This calculated composite parameter also affects the Scam Score of the project. The system automatically recalculates the dynamic component at some frequency and, based on the updated data, changes the rating.

4) Analysis of payments directly to the monitor.
If we have a deposit to the project and receive payments for this deposit, then naturally this also affects the Scam Score score. If the payments from the project go according to the deadlines, then combining the correctness of these payments and the term of the project placement on the monitor, we recalculate the rating for the better.

Our service has several algorithms for evaluating projects. During the analysis of the project, "remarks" are created that affect the final Scam Score. Part of the remarks that affected the final result you can see in the "Remarks" list. Remarks have the property "Criticality". This is an indicator of the severity of the error or defect.
We distinguish three levels of criticality:
low (little effect on the evaluation of the project. For example a few grammatical errors in the texts),
major (the project with such comments can work without any problems, but there may be inconvenience when using the project. For example - the lack of adaptation of the site for mobile devices),
critical - the project has serious shortcomings that affect both the user's work with the project and the security (Example: absence of an SSL certificate or its incorrect configuration, errors in the script's work).
Projects information is automatically updated every 4 hours. Some projects can be updated manually with an arbitrary frequency.
Contact us by or Telegram @ScamScavenger_tech for information
You can use the service without registering, but after registration you will have access to additional features:
  • You can add projects to "Favorites", which will give you the opportunity to get projects updates in real time through notifications by mail and through our Telegram bot
  • If you are a project administrator, after registration and verification you will have additional opportunities to manage your project on our service.
If you are the project administrator, you can confirm this by verifying it on our site. To do this, log in with the user whose details we sent you when placed the project on our website. If for some reason you have not received this information, you can re-request it, specifying the project email. Important! Email must be on the same domain as the project site. By this you show that you really are the project administrator. After verification, you also become the administrator of your project in our system.
Admin status gives:
- Your comments on the project will be marked as comments of the official representative of the project
- You can delete unwanted user comments on the project page
- If your project is listed, on special tabs you can post news on the project. News will be sent to all subscribed users and to the group and chat in Telegram
- We are working on a convenient payment system for our services to promote your project. As an administrator in your personal account you will be able to order and renew services and place banners in a convenient way