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Often good things start with disappointment. Scott Hall was disappointed in existing trading platforms. Difficulties at every step, high interest rates, delays in transactions made us realise that we need to create a clear and democratic platform. Alan Wolf shared the cool idea in its entirety, suggesting thinking about using the neural networks and advanced marketing technologies capabilities. Brainstorming, a few years, ensued. Information terabytes, the future platform schematic versions dozens of, resulted in a detailed project. A lot of time was spent on studying the trading bots and their main vulnerability was revealed—their algorithms are trained to react to signals, but have no ability to adapt to changing trends. The choice was finally made in machine learning favour. If we make a platform, it should be based on the most advanced technologies. The year was marked by the now historic meeting with Thomas Mendez, who in turn recruited Larry Dolton to our team. With their extraordinary human intelligence, our new friends set out to create artificial intelligence. Scott and Alan decide to sell the mining farm, considering this direction to be exhausted. Time has proved them right. The Rubicon was crossed and all financial and intellectual reserves were directed to trading, including cryptocurrencies. The fate itself gave us a gift in the acquaintance form with market strategies, a real guru-Bradley Parker. In addition to invaluable knowledge and experience, we got tangible financial profits by using his ideas in real work on stock exchanges.

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