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Binary options are one of the most promising and profitable ways of having earnings in the sphere of cryptocurrency trading. A binary options bot, designed by our specialists, automatically forecasts the currency rates’ changes (increase or decrease) that are fixed every certain period of time, e.g., 15 minutes. So, the bot determines the further currency direction, and, due to this, it generates profits that are summarized and paid to you once a day according to the amount of the bots that you lease. Every robot is active for one year, but you can close your deposit before the exiry if a certain bot has been running enough to be closed. Every bot type has its own period before it can be stoped. At the end of the bot leasing period or if you decide to stop the bot earlier, you will receive the full price of the bot to your account. More details concerning this aspect you can find in the FAQ section. To start, you need to choose one or more bot types and enter the desired quantity. Then you need to deposit the corresponding amount. When it is done, the bots start binary trading. After the bot or several ones are launched, they provide you with profits. You will be receiving 0.3-3% per one bot on a daily basis during one year. You also van disable bots after the minimum operation period that is individual for every bot type. We developed a specialized binary trading platform. You can become a professional trader without even leaving our website! All you need is to forecast the direction of a currency rate and make a bet. The rates are fixed every 30 seconds in a definite zone in the graph. This zone has two borders: “Lock time” and “Expiration time”. It lasts 00:30-01:00 of every minute. If you create a contract before the Lock time, the results will be fixed in this area. If you create it after the Lock timeline, the currency rate will be fixed after the Expiration timeline. If your forecast appears correct, and the rate goes in the right direction, you receive profits. If not, you lose your bet and can try again. You can bet any amount of funds starting from $0.2.

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Certificate CN=GeoTrust EV RSA CA 2018,, O=DigiCert Inc, C=US
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Creation date 11.09.2020
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