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BLACKCRYPTOmining Company is officially registered in the UK with the number 12021221Company number: 12021221
Status: Dissolved
Type: Private limited Company
Nature of business (SIC): 64205 - Activities of financial services holding companies
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in the state register of companieshouse. Our company has long been focused on cryptocurrency mining, but right now in 2020 year we reached a new level and to expand the business, the company's board of directors decided to attract private investment. Thus, we intend to ensure the stable growth of our company and its further development and absorption of smaller mining pools. In fact, attracting private investment by BLACKCRYPTOmining has practical goals. A significant part of our investors uses cryptocurrency and allowing them to earn dividends, we give an impetus to an additional increase in demand for cryptocurrency and, accordingly, its rate due to an increase in their assets, which in turn increases the income of mining companies. BLACKCRYPTOmining is one such company and the growth of cryptocurrency rates is beneficial to us. Our company carries out cryptocurrency mining using oil products to generate electricity, the price of which fell significantly in 2020 due to certain economic circumstances. So far, oil-producing countries cannot agree on a reduction in oil production, and the COVID-19 pandemic is raging in the world, which is the reason for a noticeable decrease in fuel demand. Cheap energy is generated at diesel power plants with the help generators based on internal combustion engines. Already, mining farms owned by BLACKCRYPTOmining are scattered all over the world and are mainly located in emerging countries whose laws are lenient in terms of environmental protection. Of course, all the necessary safety and labor protection measures are followed at our enterprises, and qualified specialists carry out work and control, but we were forced to choose just such countries for our mining farms because of the low cost of working in such places.

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Company reg.number  12021221 Company number: 12021221
Status: Dissolved
Type: Private limited Company
Nature of business (SIC): 64205 - Activities of financial services holding companies
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