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Nowadays many companies want to attract more funding through an IPO, and a simpler ICO option has appeared with the advent of crypto assets. Thanks to our company, you will receive a full range of services for the preparation and launch of ICOs, we will also help your company to issue tokens and list them on any of the top exchanges. You need to understand that to carry out this procedure, you need an existing business in credible jurisdiction. We value our reputation and will not guide doubtful projects. For this reason we want to receive maximum detailed report on your case. You also need to understand that the minimum listing that we are ready to accept is 100 million pounds. Whereas our services will be estimated at minimum 100,000 pounds. Many clients worry about the safety of their savings on all types of wallets and exchanges. Multiple hacker attacks, the possibility of losing data carriers, a lot of doubtful projects requiring cryptocurrency investments and other factors make large investors think about additional precautions, in particular, insurance of their deposits. Obviously, this is not a standard service and requires an individual approach. Many insurance companies do not even mention such a service on their sites, but it is possible! Our experts will help to audit your assets, prepare a full package of documents for the insurance company and, if necessary, to be an authorized representative in negotiations with the insurance company! It is a misconception to think that cryptocurrency market is unregulated. Current analysis and tracking methods allow to figure ultimate beneficiaries out. Indeed, these methods are still expensive because they require huge computing power, but thanks to the implementation of authorization protocols in 90% of transactions, their challenge has become possible and accessible even to ordinary users who own this information! We work with leading wallets and transit companies in any jurisdiction using this protocol. Their number is growing every day thanks to the connection of Blockchain and other major market players. Unfortunately, this method is not always available for ordinary users, but large players can certainly count on a positive result when considering their cases!

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