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In 2008, 250 gm. of cultured beef cost about $1,000,000. The development of technologies has significantly reduced the price and in 2021, one burger with cultured meat costs less than $5. Thus, during the entire technology development, the price has decreased by almost 200,000 times. The technology allows us to save natural resources and feed, it is constantly being improved and the cost of the product is continuously getting low. Nowadays there are dozens of lab grown meat companies around the world, and hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised in early funding rounds. “It turns out that you can enjoy a delicious, juicy steak and not think about the moral component. I am glad that I became one of the partners of the first Meatex. This technology has helped my restaurant reach the next level, gain new customers and scale the business.” “It is important for athletes to get a full range of vitamins and minerals. It is much more difficult for sportsmen vegetarians to do this. I recently got acquainted with Meatex products. The taste of natural meat and nutritional value are consistent. I think this is the best way to keep yourself in top shape and has a positive impact on the entire environment.” “Dishes with Meatex meat are in great demand in our network. Sales volumes have quadrupled. The rating of our network has grown by 18% since the start of cooperation with Meatex. A quality product, a real alternative to meat. We are waiting for the expansion of production.”

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