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 918  39
Start date 25.10.2021
Project worked 18 days
Date added 25.10.2021
Monitoring 90 days


Category Hourly

f. The business model which includes all strategies that are jointly taken on behalf of Profitium Finance LTD and the user of the Profitium application to meet the proposals provided by the application are referred to as the "model". b. Inflows, otherwise referred to as deposits, are only able to be created by registered users within the application. The creator and the application will never accept inflows in any other form. c. Outflows, otherwise referred to as earnings, are automatically sent to the wallet that is saved during the deposit process. The creator and the application will never offer earnings manually or via any other method. g. Bonus facilities are an additional provided to the user to provide additional incentive for using the application. Abuse of this facility by the user in the form of cheating may result in revoked access. h. All features provided by the application are fixed and will not be changed unless the creator has officially announced otherwise with at least 7 days of prior notice. c. To uphold transparency of the model, the user is provided with real-time and transparent information to utilize the application to asses the performance of the business model in real-time. c. The user must maintain a satisfactory level of professionalism with the communicating support team if they would like to maintain access to these facilities. Unprofessionalism toward staff in the form of abuse, profanity or similar actions may result in the revoking of one or more of these facilities.

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Project script Unknown(custom)

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Site domain
Registration date 04.10.2021
Expiration date 04.10.2022
Admin Withheld for Privacy Purposes
Country IS
City Reykjavik
Phone +354.4212434

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Certificate CN=Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA, O=Sectigo Limited, L=Salford, ST=Greater Manchester, C=GB
Creation date 25.10.2021
Expiration date 25.10.2022

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Server IP Bulgaria
Server LiteSpeed
Provider Belcloud LTD
Region Sofia-Capital
City Sofia

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Referral program: 7% from all referral earnings
Minimal deposit $1.0
Minimal withdraw sum $0.0

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Alexa rank 521802
Alexa rank delta -28853
Statuses on monitors  15 - paying  15 - waiting    1 - scam
Deposits sum from monitors $16,343.00
Deposits sum delta +$1,040.00
Calculated project balance 2,621.68$
Balance delta -1,332.52$


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