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Start date 14.03.2020
Project worked 80 days
Date added 30.03.2020
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Registration date 07.02.2020
Expiration date 07.02.2022
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Country PA
City Panama
Phone +507.8365503

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Certificate CN="cPanel, Inc. Certification Authority", O="cPanel, Inc.", L=Houston, ST=TX, C=US
Creation date 27.04.2020
Expiration date 26.07.2020

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Server IP Canada
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Provider Securelayer, Network
Region Quebec
City Beauharnois

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Minimal deposit $5.0
Minimal withdraw sum $1.0

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Statuses on monitors  2 - paying  5 - waiting    1 - scam
Deposits sum from monitors $2,525.00
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Calculated project balance 1,844.89$
Balance delta -18.64$


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Operation type Source Sum Date Batch
Deposit Listing $20.0 30.03.2020
Withdraw $1.0 31.03.2020
Deposit Listing $20.0 08.04.2020
Withdraw $2.7 12.04.2020 310610920
Deposit Listing $20.0 19.04.2020
Withdraw $2.9 19.04.2020 311382477
Withdraw $2.86 28.04.2020 312347470
Deposit Listing $20.0 01.05.2020
Withdraw $3.09 07.05.2020 313830900
Deposit Listing $20.0 13.05.2020
Withdraw $3.14 16.05.2020 314949630
Withdraw $7.48 17.05.2020
Deposit Listing $20.0 24.05.2020
Withdraw $2.9 24.05.2020 315918706
Withdraw $2.9 30.05.2020 316658577