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TradexFast specializes in investment activities in the following fields: Fund management, business refinancing, restructuring and IPO organization. In addition, TradexFast has a team of traders in the Forex and Crypto markets for many years. can create sustainable and long-term profits for partners. Currently, along with a team of experts, TradeXFast also creates copyright BOTs to optimize time, create quick and sustainable profits for partners. Those BOTs are invested tens, even hundreds of millions of USD, can perform transactions with processing speed of thousands, millions of times than normal humans. Those machines can read almost all the data every day from the Internet. The input data includes macroeconomic news (PMI, CPI, interest rates, GDP...), fundamental analysis (revenue, profit), statistical analysis (correlation or concordance regression... best), technical analysis (MA, Harmonic, candlestick pattern...), market microstructure (price difference)... so that the robot will make the final decision and execute it. “The basic idea of ​​TradeXFast is to provide investors with a safe, reputable investment opportunity, a steady, long-term source of profit, as well as a sustainable career.” With those noble missions TradeXFast decided to create a capital management fund in February 2022.

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