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Kasey Bennett has an extensive background in finance, technical analysis, and forecasting. Leads a department of the Financial Analysis in UPistic. Kasey leads projects related to creating in-depth cryptomarket reports, forecasting, outlining trends and studying the whales’ activities. Peyton is narrowly focused on financial planning and project viability assessment. He estimates projects budgeting, and provides cost-benefit reports focused on various company strategies and plans. Peyton Brown also works with promising altcoins. His team analyses markets and identifies new coins that are worth paying attention to. Lesley has 8 years background in international payments, including MD of Alliance Payment Solutions. She worked as a payment consultant at the world’s leading banking and financial organizations. In UPistic, Lesley gives her expert opinion on how to improve performance related to operations, profitability, management, structure, and strategy. She does strategy management, and her team controls deadlines on processing all tasks among all the departments. Harri Goff has an impressive profile in the spheres of financial risk management and regulation. cryptocurrency and financial worlds are full of unexpected changes and volatilities. And, in many cases, it is impossible to fully avoid wastes, but the company can minimize them and continue working. Harri Goff knows how the company should act to cut the possible wastes and avoid crysis in dangerous situations. Nora is responsible for the company branding and promotion. She and her team work on development of the company image, increasing UPistic brand recognition, and building partnership. She also deals with advertisement: searching for ads providers, advertising platforms. Nora got impressive skills from her previous positions of the Head of the Marketing department, and Analyst in several big companies.

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